The Passive Income - Double Your Money Challenge

My goal is to create the best passive income investment on the planet. It consists of these four objectives:

  • Double your money annually.
  • Make the investment entirely passive for the client.
  • Make the investment affordable for the middle class ($500 minimum).
  • Use repeatable strategies to create gains year after year.

Double your money annually

The challenge states that we are going to double your money in less than a year - minus taxes of course. The government needs to get their part in whatever country you live in.

This will be a purely passive investment for our clients

This means aside from the initial setup, which takes less than an hour, you don't have to do anything. That is what "passive" means. You could literally start to make today.

This investment technology is specifically for the middle class

Think of the good investments for the rich. Commercial real estate, hedge funds, ect.. These are great investments but they require a lot of money, more money than the middle class person has. In addition, the best investments require that a person be what is termed a "qualified investor". That is a legal term which means that they have to have a minimum investment and a net worth beyond the middle class. Why? This is generally a well-intended set of laws that helps prevent the middle class from being scammed. It also has the unfortunate side effect of filtering out the middle class from participating in the best investments. So what we have done is create a high powered investment for the middle class with a minimum investment of just $500. That is almost unheard of. Don't be intimidated if you don't understand the technology I'm about to talk about. It doesn't matter. It is easy to setup and you will very quickly understand it after just one day in action. I've made it so that almost anyone can participate.

We will use repeatable strategies to create gains year after year.

This is important. Anyone can get lucky. You can go to Vegas and put it all on the one hand of black-jack and double your money, but this is not repeatable. You do this again, you do this repeatedly and you will lose your money. Something I learned the hard way is that there is no point to working hard and making great returns if one flash crash can destroy your account. I do my best to make this sustainable and repeatable over time.

How are you going to double our money in a purely passive way?

We will do it by trading in the FOREX markets using a specific technology that allows anyone to trade FOREX like a pro. I'm sure some of you right now are saying. "Trading is not passive!" and you would be correct. Let me explain. When I started trading the markets over 20 years ago, I thought it would be easy. It didn't take long before I lost my shirt. Unfortunately, that scene played out many times as I learned some very hard lessons, but eventually I learned to trade. I knew there were ways for the middle class to make the kind of returns that wealthy investors enjoyed with hedge funds, but the process to get to that point took a lot more time and work than I could have imagined. Many people understand that the FOREX markets offer an extremely powerful way for ordinary people to make a lot of money. The catch is that the learning curve to become successful is long and brutal. Most traders will fail.
Fortunately there is a better way. This is where my technology comes in. Some years ago, I created trading software to help me trade for others in my family. (I'm a software developer by trade). I have now opened up the use of that software to anyone who wants to use it. It sounds complicated, but it is not. When I buy, you buy. When I sell, you sell. All this is done in proportion to the amount of capital that you have in your account and you don't have to do a thing. You are essentially leveraging over 20 years of my experience in your own trading account while you sleep or work. This is not a trading robot that you buy. In my opinion, those are not effective. This is mirroring trades that I make automatically.

So how are we doing so far?

See My Results

How do you know these results are real and not just numbers on a web site? 2 reasons. First of all our subscribers trade in their own accounts and can see their balances in real time on OANDA's mobile platform. Second, the host account is verified by a third party independent organization. Every trade is made public. Please go to and read up. All the details are there along with answers to your questions in detail that I don't have time to get into on this video. We offer a free 30 day trial so I hope you will join our challenge.